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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: A Long Fatal Love Chase

"A Long Fatal Love Chase" by Louisa May Alcott  written in 1866.

If you think this book is about a sweet Victorian family ice skating and selling their hair for Christmas shopping money, because that's what you know of LMA's writing ... WRONG!! 

129 years before Sting sang his infamous stalker song, "Every Breath You Take," Louisa May Alcott completed this book about a man who just would not give up.

A naive 18 year old, Rosamond, lives with her aging grandfather and is getting stir crazy in their isolated residence on an island, yes an island.  Not a tropical island, a craggy shored island.  She itches to see the world and behaves with all the grace that any 18 year old exhibits when she just can't wait to put wheels under her feet. She's rebellious, strong-willed and ill tempered.  In Rosalind's case, it's a boat she needs to set her free.

However, her freedom from this safe little island is expensive.  She escapes her dull life with Phillip Tempest, a man almost twice her age.  He offers to show her the world, and much more.  And when she steps foot on his yacht, her life changes forever.  Phillip isn't the lover she expects.  They are married and yet, it seems they aren't.  As Rosamond learns, her husband has many secrets, which include a mysterious previous marriage, the possible murder of a child, and a cruel nature blessed with clever skills that result in a lifelong chase as she escapes and he follows her through country after country.

This book was believed "too sensational" to be released during the author's lifetime, and I believe it was first published in 1995. 

Have you ever been surprised by an author's work?  Read something surprisingly different from their typical releases?  Please share!


  1. Ooooooooooh, I've never even heard of this one!

  2. Whaaat? This doesn't sound like her at all!

    Shocking. I will have to read that one some day.

  3. I've been wanting to read this book! When I was in third grade, I read a biography of LMA--which made me begin this writing journey. I've always adored her and can't wait to read this book. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. I've always had a fond feeling for LMA because she wrote of a girl named Jo in Little Women, and that's my middle name.

    I'm glad I could introduce something new to you! :-)