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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am Out of the Box

I will never again climb into a man-made box that was built to keep me small and crippled. God set me free, and I ran to Him with all the joy of a woman escaping her abductor. I laughed while dancing in His presence. I played at His feet like a carefree child, knowing He's the King and I'm not his peasant – I'm his daughter. He watches over me, and He's got His eye on you.

Wherever I go, He goes with me. When you choose to see me as a weak, vulnerable woman, you should perhaps “zoom out” and get the full picture. Yes, I appear small. You see me as an easy target, thinking my kindness, or your intimidation tactics, will prevent me from fighting back. Yet standing over me with His power and protection is a God so big that I'm transformed. This woman is bold, courageous, and strong. I am my Father's daughter.

He's put his arm around me and pointed out the path I'm to take. You weren't there for that, because frankly – it wasn't your business. He said, “Daughter, you can do this. I made you for this. Your heart hungers for it. It was always my intention for you. I'll equip you with what you need as you need it. Don't wait around for people to join you. You'll bump into many traveling companions along the way, but I'm your soul mate for this journey.”

So, I don't have big muscles, a deep voice or a commanding presence. You may think little of the opinions I hold, the intelligence I possess or the work I do. But in my soul is a bold fire. Tucked into these pretty shoes are strong heels designed to dig in. Over my shoulder is a God of incredible power. I see your foolish wiles because He's flooded me with wisdom and insight. I'm no longer afraid of that little box you keep pushing toward me. It's just not big enough to hold all of this!