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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 of Good Books: Missional Mom by Helen Lee

This book has special meaning for me, and for my own personal story.  Perhaps you will recognize this in your own life.

When my kids were growing up, it had to be something very important for me to spend time away from them.  All through their childhood, I felt this yearning to write.  Occasionally I'd dabble for a little while and then I'd get back to more important things.  If I were going to leave them, it should benefit them... it should pay, or it should have a hope of paying off in the future.

The thought of writing brought me such joy, but paid no money.  I had no connections, no formal education, no reason to believe I had anything to say that wasn't already being said.  So, I labeled it selfish and put it away.

Then a few years ago, with the girls grown, I gave myself a little time to write.  Then I hurt my back and I couldn't do much else. What I've learned over the last 2 years has largely been because I spent time writing, reading, researching, and writing some more.  And I've learned a LOT.

Regardless of whether or not you have children, you still have a unique position and opportunity to impact your world.  No one else travels your exact footsteps.  "Missional Mom" addresses the way many mothers limit God's calling on their life to their perceived "high calling" of being a wife and mother, rather than in relationship with God. Nothing that impacts how we serve our families is allowed in - not even God. God can't possibly scream loud enough to get past the sound barrier we erect around ourselves living out our "high calling."

We'd gladly sacrifice to allow our husband and children to know and serve God as they are called, but we're sure God would never ask them to sacrifice for us to follow Him.  With that limiting point of view, we end up idolizing our family. In Biblical times it took hours and hours to cook a meal for a family.  It doesn't now, so we just find more ways to serve our families... to bless our beloved.

If no one reads a word I write, I was called to write.  If for no other reason than the clarity and inspiration I find at the end of an hour spent with pen and paper... and that's a HUGE reason.  I've benefited in wisdom gained, a deepened relationship with God, understanding myself, finding peace in the craziness, personal growth and the elimination of some convictions I've wrongly held onto for years.  Above all, I found I've been called to write for decades and chose not to.

No one is just one of a crowd.  Each person has specific gifts, placement and opportunities.  The world can't afford to have so many women enter into family building and opting out of living out their mission.  It isn't about doing MORE, it's about allowing yourself to grow in whatever way you're called to, so you can be a fully developed servant.

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  1. I devoted myself to my children. So much so that when they grew up and left home, it was like there was nothing left of me, if I wasn't being their mother 24/7. It was like I had no purpose left.

    1. You are not alone! I've met sooo many women who've experienced a loss of identity after their children were grown. Some take on the next generation - rededicating the caregiving identity to their grandchildren. Some experience a lot of guilt because, while they aren't sure WHAT they should be doing with their time, they know they aren't ready to start over again via a childcare position - even if it is for the adorable little cherubs that are our grandbabies.