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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 of Good Books: The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I purchased this book for my husband's birthday a couple years ago.  He was looking for a new author and this guy was brand new.  "The Name of the Wind" is Rothfuss' first novel, but it had tremendous reviews.  So, I picked it up and didn't see my husband's face for days. 

Even as he was in the book, he was dying for me to read it.  Since he read and enjoyed the entire Diana Gabaldon series at my pestering (though he wasn't as fond of the intimacy revealed from a woman's point of view), I read a series he recommended.  His series only had 4 books, though and mine had 7, so I felt I owed him a read.

Then... he didn't see MY face for days.

A wonderful story set in a different world.  A young boy Kvothe (pronounced Quothe) loses his parents to something believed to be only a legend... the Chandrian. Not by chance. And certainly not because it's a common occurrence.  Kvothe's family is simply part of a traveling troupe of entertainers, but Kvothe's father is writing a song about the Chandrian... and he's revealing a little too much in the lyrics of his little song.  The entire troupe is massacred when Kvothe is away from camp. 

What follows is Kvothe's story of survival, sometimes nearly not doing so, until he reaches "The University", which has always been his dream.  Now there's a new aspect to that dream.  The University has so much to offer, so many books... Kvothe believes he will find information about the Chandrian.  Information he will use.

OK, so that's actually the boring part of the story to some people.  What is wonderful about this book is the story telling.  Rothfuss weaves a trail that includes an amazing turn of events, I was never sure if what was expected would be delivered.  Not only are there surprises, but the world, the relationships, the people that enter Kvothe's life are fascinating. When he turned the plot, it wasn't just that there was conflict... but an entire new plot opened up and I was drawn into it.  By the time he got back to the first "goal" of our main character, it had almost completely gone out of my mind because I was so absorbed in the new series of events.

Kvothe tells the story to a chronicler that comes to an inn where he's now living as a quiet innkeeper.  He's lived a life of tremendous fame, but now lives as Kote - his true identity kept from the villagers he lives in the midst of.  But something dangerous has come to this village.  Something Kvothe would be able to protect them from, but something went wrong along the way and Kote doesn't have the powerful magic of his past... Perhaps the chronicler will discover why.  Perhaps the memories of his fantastic experiences will help Kvothe regain them.

The second book is already out, and I'm awaiting the third. 

Is there a book you were resistant to read - out of your preferred genre - and was pleasantly surprised?  Please share!

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  1. I'm not sure my husband has ever read an entire book? I tease him about it, on a regular basis.

    1. My dad doesn't read for enjoyment. It's just so foreign to me, but he only reads shorter pieces that have some fact that he can add to his "collection." Before Google, we'd just "ask dad. "My mother said when she was a girl my Grandad would tell her to "get your nose out of that book and go outside." I used to hold up books to read by the light that shone through my bedroom window from the street light.

      And my husband never enjoyed reading as a child, however, when he was a teenager his best friend talked on and on about the books he read and how great they were. Then he loaned one to him.