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Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26: Free Friday eBooks - Thousands of them!

Happy Friday!  Free books?  Yes, please!

This is the last Friday of the Good Books month, which made me a little sad. :-(  <--my sad face.  So, because I love to find free things, love to tell other people about free things and looking around for you has caused a traffic jam on my Kindle as I've been downloading all along the way.... I'm going to continue to do a free ebooks day.

If you stop by Amazon, you can get these books even if you don't have a Kindle.  You can read them on any devise with a browser. Or, it seems you can even download them to your computer with this app. Kindle for PC

The first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes of your awake time are supposed to be the most creative moments of your day. Since I slept in today... you've hit those magic moments of my life... so, yes, we're having a monthly Free Kindle Books day from now on. I'm thinking Free Firsts (On the First of each month) would be a catchy way for you to remember when to stop by, but a subscription to it as a series would be so much easier - you could just get it in your email... I don't have anything techy techy like that on my site.  So.... I'll work on that.

In the meantime, you could follow me on Twitter @AmyJMable or put me in a Circle on your Google+  (just Amy Mable), and catch a reminder there.  This would make me feel a little better, since I just realized I lost 3 twitter followers and I'm a little sad about that... but I'm very new to Twitter, so the number of followers I DO have is nothing short of a miracle.  (I ramble a little in those first minutes of each day as well.)

Released October 15.  The Trial of Poppy Moon by John Corder

A very unusual plot.  I'm not very educated on organ donation, so if the premise isn't plausible, then I suppose the entire story would fall apart... but I downloaded it this morning.

"At the hospital, Poppy is pronounced dead from exposure. Documents she’s carrying permit the immediate removal of her organs for transplant....

But when the human body is dangerously below normal temperature, its vital life-signs can be deceiving. Poppy is still alive. But by the time she regains consciousness, it’s too late: the remaining kidney, which has been traced to a private hospital in Caen, is already in the body of a twelve-year-old boy. Unfortunately, the law regarding transplanted organs gained by illegal means is particularly clear: victims never get their organs back.

Marcus Coaker, a leading London solicitor advocate, is tasked with proving the doctor’s negligence – and he has an unexpected witness to prove it. During the removal of her kidneys, Poppy had a Near Death Experience; she saw and heard everything that was done. Marcus promptly sets in motion the first legal action ever prosecuted on the basis of an NDE...

...The Trial of Poppy Moon is a remarkable debut novel – fast-paced, hard-edged and terrifically moving, it approaches one of the biggest questions of all: whether there is life after death." (Publisher's Summary)

Released October 10th
21 Days to Change Your Body by Helen M. Ryan

"Have you ever wondered why you don't lose weight on a diet? Is it the diet program itself that is ineffective? Or is it your mindset?

In this fresh, new approach to weight loss, 21 Days to Change Your Body (and Your Life) will show you how to lose weight by positively changing the way you think about dieting. Be healthier, be happier and enjoy a better quality life—while eating the foods you love.

Tamilee Webb, the star of the Buns of Steel workout series, says of the book: "I loved it. Lots of inspiration & easy to follow solutions. Anyone can do 21 days!"

Based on the author's own experience with losing more than 80 pounds, Helen M. Ryan shows you how to overcome the mental blocks to weight loss success, how to fit exercise into your busy day, and what you should doing and eating to fit into your "skinny jeans."" (Publisher's Summary)

Released February 4, 2012  "How Can I Forgive and Forget - The Intelligent Way to Be A Happy Person: A Proven Step By Step Guide That Will Teach You How To Forgive and Forget Even When You Don't Feel Like It"  by Ellena Whitey

"Are you trying to forgive someone but just don't know how?
Are you looking for a way to be happier but don't know what is stopping you?
Are you ready to break free from anger, bitterness, resentment and even depression?
Are you ready to forgive and proceed toward a beneficial future without constraints?" (Publisher's Summary)

This book has is very short and has only one review.  What if we all read it and reviewed it?  I just downloaded it.

Lastly, here's a link to 40,000 free books. Project Gutenberg  And now I feel like a philanthropist! 

Enjoy your weekend.  Let me know your thoughts on any of the previous free books you've read!


  1. Dear Amy,

    I am John Corder, the author of The Trial of Poppy Moon. Thank you for downloading my book and mentioning Poppy Moon in your blog. Let me first assure you about the law. If someone steals my car and they find it, the law says I can have it back. If someone steals one of my organs, I cannot have it back. Although a legal, medical race against time thriller, the story is about Poppy and her Lawyer Marcus Coaker. As the story progresses, it's Poppy who shows Marcus strength in very unexpected and moving ways, rather than the other way round. I'll find you on Twitter and become one of your followers. Bear in mind that I'm also new to Twitter. Perhaps you have to find me so we can be each other's Followers.

    Very best wishes.

    John Corder

    1. How very exciting that you've dropped by, Mr. Corder! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Now, I'm off to hunt you down on Twitter!

    2. My lack of expertise was referring to how they determine someone is dead if the find the body very cold, as in this case, however, I've watched enough legal dramas that I shouldn't have wondered. If the liver is cold, the person is dead. *Everyone* knows that... not enough coffee!