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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Are You Waiting For To Live Your Life?

So, you have a dream, a vision, a purpose and a passion. Unfortunately, you haven't moved it out of your head and into action.

I was moved into action by 7 months of a mysterious back injury/ailment that just would not improve no matter what I did. I tried physical therapy, prescriptions, yoga, applied heat, applied ice, applied medicine with little roller ball applicators that felt like heat and ice, and applied tears. Finally, I found a little relief. Sitting on my tucas (as dad says, and spell check refuses to respect) for 4 months. While sitting there, I read, I researched, I studied and I wrote. I had no choice. (Yes, there was daytime television, but UGH!) You may not be so lucky. Yes, I said lucky. I had no option but to do what I feared doing – stop waiting and start pursuing my desire to write.

So, what's holding you back? What are you waiting for? I gave this some thought yesterday and here are some things you may believe you have to wait for to live your life instead of just imagining what it would be like to live your life -

  • When I lose 10 pounds
  • When the kids grow up
  • Mr. Right
  • After Mr. Right gets a divorce and is back on the market
  • After I'm married
  • After PMS week
  • After my wife's PMS week
  • When I have children
  • When the baby starts sleeping all night
  • After the baby is potty trained
  • After the kids go to school
  • When the kids graduate
  • After the kids move out
  • My divorce from Mr. Wrong, so I can use my imagination for things other than planning perfect crimes
  • A rainy day
  • When it stops raining
  • When I learn HTML
  • When I find WYSIWYG software that works with my free blog site
  • When I think of the perfect domain name
  • When the person who stole my perfect domain name stops paying their renewal
  • After the kids move out AGAIN
  • Tomorrow
  • When I lose 25 pounds
  • After I find an agent
  • When I write something worthy of an agent
  • When this pulled muscle heals
  • When I find my soul mate BFF with the same Pinterest board as me, who will live it with me
  • When Spell check is updated to recognize tucas, BFF and Pinterest
  • When my spouse gets a personality exchange and is suddenly interested in my interests
  • When I get a raise
  • When I get a less stressful job
  • When I get a job
  • When I retire
  • Payday
  • A better software program
  • When I get caught up
  • An eBay deal on the software I want
  • An instruction manual
  • A free Kindle day for the instruction manual I want
  • When I finish reading every book ever written on the subject
  • And the new one that comes out next week
  • And the really boring one that got kicked under my bed after I fell asleep trying to read it
  • After the spider dies that built a web on that that really boring one still under my bed
  • When I have more time
  • When I feel better
  • When I find the perfect theme for my website
  • And it's available for free
  • Without a watermark
  • When we buy a bigger house
  • When we pay off the house
  • After we remodel the house
  • After spring cleaning
  • A deadline
  • The next deadline
  • A deadline next year that I think I could really meet
  • When I have all the right equipment
  • When I update all that equipment
  • New shoes
  • When I remodel the previously remodeled space that is now dated and no longer inspires me
  • When I figure out if blue or green paint in my office is more inspirational
  • In the summer
  • After summer
  • After Christmas
  • On my next vacation
  • After vacation
  • Next month
  • A winning lottery ticket
  • To go to college
  • To graduate college
  • To get into graduate school
  • My masters degree
  • My doctorate (important if you're dream is to be a medical doctor. Just sayin')

You aren't going to begin at the pinnacle (unless you're a supermodel in which case, I'm sorry to say, every day that passes you by is a day you will never look as dewy again and you may have to consider work in Walmart ads). Get started! What can you do today to pursue your dream?

Not everyone is blessed with a temporarily disabling injury, making all other activities of life excruciatingly painful. I'm sorry, that was insensitive – it could happen to anyone. Chances are you won't be that lucky, though... so get moving!

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