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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

The Bright Shiny Red Purse

A couple months ago, I attended a conference where a beautiful, bright, shiny red purse became a highlight of the day.  My friend and I were similarly captivated by it's beauty and it's bling.  I looked in every department store and mall boutique at our incredibly trendy functional mall.  Nada!  Not red enough, not shiny enough, not enough silvery rings and buckles.  I just Googled Red Shiny Purse.  Found one for over $3,000, but it still isn't quite right.  The most I've ever spent on a purse - $21.00 at Target last year.  I felt scandalous.  Of course, I really like that purse.  I've bought many less expensive purses that I've endured until they were destroyed enough that I could justify purchasing another.


This means National Novel Writing Month.  It takes place in November.  Winners complete a novel of 50,000 words.  The goal, as I interpret it for myself, is not to complete a publish-worthy piece of work by the month's end.  The goal, as I intend to apply it, is to try to keep challenging my imagination and move the story forward for 50,000 words. 

November is a terrible month for a woman to write a novel.  I'm busy in November.  I'm shopping, cooking, planning to cook, cleaning, planning to clean, putting away my lawn furniture and my garden hose (I procrastinate over some of the little things).  Sooo... I began AnNoWriMo - Annie's Novel Writing Month.  This takes place every January.  Planning for this event began a couple weeks ago.  By "planning", I mean that two weeks ago I decided January would be a better month for this event and if it's an event I might actually do it instead of reading about writing, planning to write, thinking about writing, putting on music that makes me feel all artistically soulful, watching funny videos on YouTube about NaNoWriMo, planning to decorate my writing space, believing that I will pour out words of immensely talented prose if my desk is a pretty color.  So this morning, I began AnNoWriMo.  I couldn't start over the weekend because my man was home. 

I began this morning and completed 1378 words.  Woo Hoo!  I was tired, so I left my heroine in the midst of a vandalized living room and stopped by here to finish my last cup of coffee before taking the dogs out.  *wave*

Anyone know of a way to add a Word Count button to my Microsoft Works toolbar?  I don't own Word.

New Years

I'm making a list of a few New Year Goals.

I will read 26 books this year.

I will make a new recipe every week... that man of mine needs to eat on a daily basis - I don't know why but 70% of the time sometimes this still surprises me about 20 minutes before he's scheduled to walk through the front door.  Ooops

I will do Yoga & cardiovascular exercise a minimum of 3 times a week until I love it and then I will do it more often... I think.

I will finish decorating my bedroom and stop using the only dresser without a mirror as a TV & DVD player stand, and get real night stands instead of those 2 nesting tables.  (In order to be nesting tables, it is required that they be different sizes... it's bad... really bad... and I have nowhere to hide the stack of books that I want to read, except under and around my smaller nesting table.  It's a pile, actually, with an alarm clock in there somewhere and a book I don't really care about being used as a coaster for my iced tea.  Yikes!)

Ok, the coffee is gone, I need to put wood on the fire and my dogs are crossing their legs.  C-ya!

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