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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kim Kardashian & the Bieb

Several days ago I became aware of a boy named Bieber and a 29 year old woman that made some complimentary comments about him.  There were several commentators discussing the inappropriate compliments and the double standard that exists between a teenage boy and an adult woman as opposed to a teenage girl and adult man.

The next day I saw a program that highlighted 15 women best known for the crimes that they had committed.  Included in this program was a woman in her early or mid 20's caught having an affair with a 14 year old male student.  She eventually received probation or some such non-imprisonment punishment... I think she had to pick up garbage too.  My husband walked through the room.

"Who's that?"

I explained the story.

"oh.  I know you don't believe me... but that kid's fine.  Psychologically, physically and emotionally just fine.  Her ex husband may not be... but the kid.. Yeah, he's fine and all his friends are jealous."

I'm done arguing this point with him.  He doesn't believe me that boys are molested by very hot teachers.  He simply referred to a Van Halen song and reminded me that the song would not have been so successful if all the boys were offended by the concept.

I'm glad we had daughters... the lines are incredibly more clear to him where his daughters are concerned.  Yeah, he wouldn't be saying... "she's fine and her friends are jealous."  He'd be saying, "I understand my rights, but the guy needed killing."  He'd have said that about some of their boyfriends if I hadn't been around to save them, actually.

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