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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Champions, The Damsels and Church

Some time ago, I had a conversation with a couple men about why people don't go to church.  There was quite a list, and then they revealed their personal reasons.  Both had church going wives, but they didn't attend.

"I spend all week with difficult people.  I'm peopled out on Sunday."

"Organized religion is filled with hypocrites.  Church should help people, but instead they are judgmental and just after money.  There's no humility."

In truth, both of these men have been deceived.  Each believes it does no good to go and does no harm to not go.  They've been convinced of the lie that this decision somehow serves them.  In truth, they aren't benefiting, but being deprived.  Deprived of the growth, development, respect and blessing God has for them in being the strength, the warriors, the brave men they were intended to be.  Their wives are sent without their champions into an arena these men dare not enter.

This deception deprives the men, their wives and their daughters.  They set in motion a family tradition of men denying their role as leader, as a strong one.  Instead of receiving their inner strength and validation from the God who created them with those attributes, they settle for shallow validations.  Validations from their careers, political opinions, and appreciation from their wives and family are just a few.

In truth, they abdicate their throne and leave it to God and other men to champion their wives and children.  Men who aren't afraid to enter the church, to grow, to challenge themselves, to be adventurers, and willing to carry the weight of providing spiritual nourishment to their hungry wives.  On Sunday mornings all across this country, those hungry wives set out alone as their providers sleep on Sunday morning.

The biggest deception the enemy manages to pull off is convincing men that this "choice" has been made from a strong determined will and the wives and children are similarly convinced.  In actuality, our emperors are wearing no clothes.

But women are not defenseless.  God is our champion, defender, bridegroom.  He stands with our lonely hearts and fills them as we stand in a pew filled with couples  He nurtures, cares, strengthens and protects us.  He is a lover to our soul, capable of intimacy beyond any human being.  After the disappointment of going to church alone joins our comfy homes and sleepy husbands in our rear view mirrors... we feel genuine sorrow that our champions snore through the epic adventure of their lives.

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