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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are Government Agencies Undermining the Innocence of Our Children

If a child molester believes there is nothing wrong with children participating in sex acts, shouldn't we be attempting to discredit that? Instead, it's propagated by our government when they make condoms available to children in elementary school. Apparently, your child is sexual at the age of 9. Your government says so, it provides tools used only in the act of sexual intercourse to children of any age. Hard to believe? Provincetown, Massachusetts provides condoms to all children of all ages upon request. Parents are not permitted to protect their kids from this age INAPPROPRIATE possession of items intended for use in sexual intercourse. What is next? That question terrifies me, as there shall certainly be something nearly or more offensive in the near future.

If your 10 year old child is busy riding her bike. not at all interested in penises or intercourse, she is the bystander victim of a society that is being told that children are indeed sexually provocative. We want them protected, just in case they decide to have sex on the spur of the moment. Especially if the 13 year old boy down the street decides that no means yes if you nag long enough, or simply disregard the word NO when used in your direction, (see my previous post on not teaching children to accept no for an answer - i.e. Children gone amok)... your daughter has become his fixation, and the school has provided him with condoms. Oh yippee skippee!

If she has been molested, she may, in fact, be more sexually aware and inappropriate for her age. It's like a circle... tell the molesters she's sensually provocative and responsive... the molesters believe they aren't hurting anyone... the child acts out from her rape, and we say... give her condoms! Make sure all the older boys in her school have them too, because we just cannot victimize the innocence of our children often enough!

Still think our society is harmless and helpful? Still think that I'm going too far, getting too worked up over this situation?

What kind of society permits a mother to allow her 12 year old daughter to pretend she's being raped for a part in a movie? What effect does that event have on a 12 year old's development? She has just been exposed to a sexually explicit and abusive scene that 16 year olds wouldn't even be permitted to VIEW in a theater... and she puts her daughter in the movie, under that man, and through the actions of a rape victim - and expects her 12 year old to detach from that experience and for it to have no lasting impact on her. And this isn't child pornography? This isn't child abuse? This isn't molestation? This isn't fodder for every child rapist, or fantasizing pedophile in the world? Do you really believe that a 12 year old that has experienced that is the same as she was before?

Again, I have to ask... What the hell is wrong with people?

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